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My top study tips

Published: 08/04/2020  Updated: 10/09/2020
Each of the following techniques I have used and would personally recommend. They have helped me attain 1st class standard grades on purely knowledge based assessments. 

Spaced repitition
Spaced repetition is based on the forgetting curve created by Hermann Ebbinghaus. The concept is to review the content just before you forget it. This way you extend the length of time in which the content is retained in your long-term memory whilst reducing the amount of time required to revise a set of topics. 

In Practice
As a rule of thumb repeat content at these intervals after each session:

1st repetition = 1 day
2nd repetition = 1 week
3rd repetition = 2 week
4th repetition = 1 month
5th repetition = 6 months
Tip on how to record your spaced repititions

Utilising active recall techniques
Active recall techniques involves the stimulation of an individual's memory during the learning process. 

These techniques include:

Flashcards (with the question on one side and …

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